The Legal Bit...

Terms & Conditions

Client Obligations


The Client agrees to pay the agreed service fee on or before the payment date is due.

The Client and her party agree to inform Lily & Remi of any known allergies or sensitives they may have to cosmetic products prior to the trial.

The Client agrees to not hold Lily & Remi responsible for any allergic reactions developed as a result of the trial.

Our Obligations

To provide a professional service with reasonable care and skill and on the date and time agreed.

To use our own high-quality products and materials in the provision of the service.

To take photographs and notes during the trial as evidence of the agreed finished look and to replicate this in full on the Wedding day.

To be fully insured.

Advertising & Marketing

Permission is granted (unless specifically stated otherwise) to allow Lily & Remi to use images of Hair/Makeup for promotional use online and in other materials.

Payments Policy  

Until receipt of the Booking Fee no booking is secure. Once the booking fee is  received the date is reserved. (booking fee is non-refundable and non transferable).  

Payment of the booking fee is seen as acceptance of the terms and conditions where a signature cannot be obtained (for example: where booking is made via online communication and payment made via bank transfer without face to face meeting).  

Payment can be made in the following terms: Cash or Bank Transfer  

Receipts will be provided in recognition of any payments made. 

Trial payment is to be made on or before date of trial.

Final payments must be made 4 weeks prior to the date.

Changes and Cancellation Policy  

The booking fee is non-refundable and non transferable. 

Cancellations made prior to 6 weeks before the date will not be charged. (booking fee is non-refundable).

Cancellations made 6-4 weeks from the Wedding date will incur a charge equivalent to 50% of the total cost of the booking.

Cancellations made 2-4 weeks from the Wedding date will incur a charge equivalent to 75% of the total cost of the booking.

Cancellations made up to 14 days from the Wedding date will incur a charge equivalent to 100% of the total cost of the booking.

Any payments made, unless the cancellation is made by us, is non-refundable.

Cancellation made by Lily & Remi

In the highly unlikely event that we are unable to perform the Hair/Makeup service, due to illness or hospitalization, we will endeavour to find an alternative professional to take our place. All notes & images from trials will be forwarded. Should this not be possible, a full refund will be returned.


Any bookings taken after 28.10. 20 agree to a non refundable/non transferable booking fee. If a new date is required another booking fee will be taken to secure the new available date. 

With thanks,

Lily & Remi

Bridal Hair and Makeup